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The Hypnosis Centre

Katerina Christofi will show you how you can improve your life through the use of Holistic Hypnosis and gentle, natural self-suggestion, bringing you peace of mind and confidence.

This energy-giving, motivational hypnotherapist will give you the tools necessary to achieve your full potential. Make today the start of a new way of life.

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Katerina can transform your life and health, producing enlightning expereinces that reveal the essence of what makes you unique in this world.

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Hypnosis helps cancer patients by allowing the use of local anesthesia – and may prevent metastasis Is hypnosis just a trick of stage magicians or hocus pocus for gullible New...
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Katerina can transform your life and health, producing enlightening experiences
revealing the essence of what makes you unique in this world

Seeing Katerina was a truly amazing experience, I really didn’t know
what to expect when I first saw her, she has totally transformed my life.

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Hypnosis is an entirely natural state which is pleasant and relaxing, similar to the drowsy state experienced prior to sleep…


Hypnotherapy is a suggestion based therapy, where some concept, idea or suggestion is put to the patient. This can be particularly useful…


Once someone has learned the art of true relaxation it becomes a part of that persons very nature. No one is suggesting that..

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You may call the numbers below to book a free assessment treatment or further information. Katerina is available between 9am to 8pm daily…