Hypnotherapy is a suggestion-based therapy, where a concept, idea or suggestion is put to the patient. This can be particularly useful to help a person to stop biting nails or smoking for example.

At a second level, hypnotherapy is used to release a mind condition through analysis and is more concerned with discovering why a person is as he is and what he wants to be. Panic attacks, phobias, self- confidence, anxiety and relationship matters are typical problems calling for such an approach. In the third level the hypnotherapist uses his skills and knowledge in seeking to gain the minds assistance to heal the body. Dramatic self healing can occur.

Among the many other conditions that can often benefit from hypnotherapy are stress, obsessional issues, sexual, habit grieving and behavioural problems, fear of flying, driving, pre-test, exam nerves, blushing, anger, public speaking, dentistry and sport issues, panic attacks and numerous phobias, too many to mention here.

Hypnotherapy can assist with sleeping disorders, weight loss, drinking and eating and to promote a more satisfying pregnancy and birth experience. Asthmatic and hay-fever conditions can also respond favourably. Hypnotherapy is often used to promote rapid response to mind over matter, self healing of bodily discomfort, for peace and tranquillity.

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