What conditions can hypnotherapy alleviate?

The list is almost endless because the mind controls both itself and the entire bodily system. It is often of great assistance when conventional medicine can offer little or no help at all.

Hypnosis can be a practical solution for fear of flying; driving, pre-test and exam nerves; depression; weight control; sexual problems; blushing; nail-biting; worries about public speaking; panic attacks; sleeping, drinking and eating disorders; asthmatic and hay-fever conditions

- in fact any issue which is tormenting you. On the positive side, hypnotherapy can assist with a more satisfying pregnancy and birth experience

Among the many other conditions that benefit are stress, allergies, obsessional issues, habit grieving, behavioural problems, anger and numerous phobias, too many to mention here.

Hypnotherapy is often used to promote rapid response to mind over matter and self healing of bodily discomfort, for peace and tranquility.

With the benefit of Katerina's experience you will probably start to feel an improvement after the first treatment. To achieve the permanent result you seek, you will probably want a short, intensive programme. Each person is unique - your treatment will be individually prepared to meet your needs and last for the period you need it. Some people seeking long term life changes choose ongoing therapy; others achieve their targets within a short period of time


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